Energy Services

Cut your building’s energy waste and put the savings in your pocket.

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As we know, in this economy many building owners have the pain of trying to find ways they can take cost out of their operating budgets.

We can ease this pain significantly providing energy services to help reduce energy waste in your buildings, often with little or no capital expenditure.

Cutting building energy waste is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Facility Benchmarking
    1. We collect 12 months worth of utility bills and see how your energy costs compare with its peers.  This allows us to see just how much opportunity for savings may be available to harvest.
  2. Energy Assessment
    1. This is a more detailed look at how your building uses energy.  From this process we can determine where the low hanging fruit of energy savings can be picked.
  3. Implementation of energy efficiency measures
    1. From our energy assessment we develop a plan with the building owner to prioritize energy savings opportunities and how best to execute.  Usually we can save a building owner 10-30% without any capital expenditure.  Really!


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